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Tel.: 330-220-1388

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3815 Center Rd, Brunswick OH 44212

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Tues:-Sat.:11:00am- 03:00pm
                  04:00pm -9:00pm
Sunday:12:00am- 03:00pm
            04:00pm -9:00pm
Dinner Pick up time about 30 to 40 Minuts.

Acceptable Card

Title: wow6/22/2015 6:20:08 AM
WOW went in to order and owner was yelling at customer said she messed up her own order. They were swearing at her. and told HER to leave. I will not returnBAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!
Title: worst customer service EVER!!6/22/2015 6:14:30 AM
when you make a mistake you DONT tell customer that They messed up their own order...and swear at them and tell them not to come back. I will NEVER return to your place and if anyone else orders make sure you dont MESS UP YOUR OWN ORDER
Title: Awesome5/21/2016 3:24:43 PM
Every time I have been here the food has been perfect and my order has never been incorrect. I love the food and place. My only complaint is I will order for 4 or 5 people and NEVER get enough fortune cookies to give to each person, someone always goes without a fortune cookie. They should put a handful in the bag.
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